Planet Coaster DLC Review: The Happiest Places on Earth In Planet Coaster you're given almost absolute freedom to architect an amusement park of your dream. Insanely tall rides, kookily entangled roller-coaster loops, heavy metal music blasting the speakers, while guests shriek in terror - you can do it all. And also the basics of business/personnel management and marketing. Planet Coaster DLCs, however, extend your creative palette even further. And we've prepared a review of every single one. 1. Winter Update (free) - Ho-ho-holy deer It's the most wonderful time of the year! And the strong Christmas vibe is just overpowering: you can construct sleigh rides, retro Collider, bumper cars, Xmas gift shops, and gingerbread houses. And even a little railroad using the Iron Horse - the steam locomotive If you'd like, you can recreate Santa's village, surround it by the caramel-cane trees, put the snowman guards by his residency and build an Elf sweatshop toyshop. New features: Global management of Shops & Attractions: prices, opening/closing hours. Info panel displays the Prestige level of the rides. Feedback is provided from the guests' opinions and notifications. Deleting paths can be done via one button. All Staff view allows you to tweak payment, training, roster and other parameters of your staff instantly. Sandbox and Challenge modes also feature a new location: Arctic. 2. Spring Update (free) - Hot summer in the desert The snow melts away, and the Xmas tinsel is put back in the boxes till the next year. And here comes another free goodie with new both exciting and frustrating content. Perhaps the biggest challenge in the Spring Update is organizing security: pickpockets and ill-mannered guests will do all they can to ruin the fun time for other visitors. So you will need to dispatch guards and set up CCTV-cameras to minimize the danger. Other novelties include: 150 new building elements. Security fences are especially helpful. Revamping old rides to increase their popularity. 5 roller-coasters can be synchronized for dueling. New attractions: Bakasura, Big Wheel, Steel Hydra, ZoZo. Three new scenarios have been added as well: Chef's Beef Raceway, Oak Island and Downtown. 3. Summer Update (free) - Fireworks & corn dogs What is the most anticipated day in summer? The 4th of July of course!  And in Summer Update you get to make the skies burn. In the literal sense of the word. You can sculpt the visual ecstasy for your guests by applying the Display Sequencer. It boosts guests' happiness since you can make the skies glow in various colors, but it charges you money upon each use. At least it can be triggered at certain dates and even precise time. Another cool novelty is the Video Billboards. Apart from premade pictures and videos, you can use your original media files to be played on them. The supported formats are: WEBM (videos) JPG PNG TFF BMP The new attractions include Iron Claw, Sky Watcher, sci-fi Black Out, Viper One, and others. And new scenarios are waiting to try your patience: Miss Elly's Dinner - a huge coaster made of wood, Gold Mine Tower - an abandoned gold mine with the Wilde West vibe, Starship Hanger - a sci-fi movie studio lost in the middle of a desert. Note: too many video billboards being active at the same time will sabotage your fps. 4. Spooky Pack ($10.99) - Town of Halloween It is a monster mash indeed.  Although widely hated for its almost $12 price tag, Spooky Update isn't that bad: it can keep you entertained for nearly 100 hours! In this DLC you will experiment with: New effects - slime, colored smoke, lightning, mist, fire, howling wind. Scenery - Jack-o'-lanterns, tombstones, dancing skeletons, lighted windows, moving curtains, robotic spiders/rodents. Rides - The Huntsman, The Hoax, etc. New Mascot - all hail King Ghoster! Not to forget customizable features: the haunted windows can now project videos & pictures, including your original media files and the guests, can put on the thematic headgear and masks. All in all, it's a very atmospheric and so far the biggest DLC Planet Coaster has to offer. 5.  Anniversary pack (free) - One year of Lunaparking To celebrate its one year in the industry, Planet Coaster offers a new intriguing feature: smart audience targeting. Your guests now display more discernible traits. Guests are separated into various groups, and these groups have different likes & preferences, making them fussy about which attraction to pick. On the other hand, it lets you predict how much cash they can spend. There will be a new scenario, in which you'll have to turn a desolate beach resort into a money-making theme park - Gulpee's Island Paradise. Scenario Editor is another innovation: you can now tailor your own scenarios and share them with other players via Steam Workshop. Along with the guests, your staff becomes more humanized too: They can go on strike in the middle of a busy day. Their energy gradually decreases, which means they will need recreational facilities. You will have to hire extra staff to cover lunch breaks. After completing Anniversary Pack, you'll be able to qualify for a personnel manager position. 6. Adventure Pack ($10.99) - The mummy returns Inspired by the classic adventure movies, this DLC features a truly flamboyant set of scenery items and decorations. Mummies, jungle vegetation, Aztec columns, dropping/rolling boulders, deadly temple traps, blades, spikes and so forth. You can recreate almost any scene from any Indiana Jones movie, while your guests will be screaming ecstatically on a new mine cart ride. New attractions include: Gold Fever - a mine cart ride through the cave tunnels. Island Adventure - a big steam-boat joyride. Land Ahoy - the same as previous, only smaller, taking action on a single water channel. Plus a new mascot: Renee Feu - the charming adventure-seeker. 7. Studios Pack ($10.99) - Lights, camera, action! Be it a zombie apocalypse, or one of those massive shoot-outs from the 80's movies - Studios Pack can do it all. It is your own giant dream factory that includes: 127 animatronics elements. 20 effects. 19 brand new blueprints. 85 scenery blueprints. 78 triggerable effects. And more... You can organize decorations, props, vehicles, use lighting to recreate any famous movie studio/set or build an original one of yours. The rides include Re-Motion accompanied by the projecting screens, Horror Heights, which is a multi-drop tower. 8. Vintage Pack ($10.99) - The golden 50s This DLC draws inspiration from the '50s, '30s and even '20s with its charming retro attractions. Classic Ferris Wheel, horse-carousels, a devilish rickety wooden coaster Zephyrus, Loop da Loop, fortune-telling machines and so on. Despite its austere content, Vintage Pack feels like a heart-warming, a bit hipsterish time travel. A county fair + carnival that somehow made its way to our days from the time when your grandfather was a hell-raising kid. 9. World's Fair Pack ($10.99) - International affairs Gather all wonders of the world in your theme park in this DLC. You get to improvise with sceneries and decorum from: Spain China Mexico Britain Japan France Morocco, etc. Pagodas, golden dragons, miniature Big Ben - all at your service. Besides every culture has its own food-stalls that sell snacks, which those countries are famous for. Attractions feature monorail Polarity and Interceptor, Jixxer - two rivaling motorcycle coasters.   Continue Reading Planet Coaster Tips and Tricks: What Every Tycoon Should Know Planet Coaster expects only one thing from you: building a successful and aesthetically beautiful Luna Park. There's no denying that it's easier said than done.  And you'll have to do a lot of positioning, resizing, coloring and carousel building before the amusement park of your dream becomes a reality. We have prepared a couple of tactical tips and tricks that will make your quest of overshadowing Disney theme parks a little bit easier. Enjoy! 1. Set the right mode Your Planet Coaster conquest begins with choosing a right game mode: Career mode - that's where you learn the ins and outs of Planet Coaster. It will task you with a number of scenarios, in which you'll have to build certain attractions, keeping visitors excited. The first 3-5 scenarios will go relatively smooth for you, which is perfect for learning how the game mechanics work. Sandbox - here you can let your imagination run wild. Unlimited cash, vast territory, and build-all-you-want approach. Perfect for finding your unique style, experimenting and making bizarre constructions. Challenge mode - limited budget, limited income, and research-then-build concept. With 4 difficulty levels, you can learn what it feels like to be a theme park tycoon. Scenario Editor - no limits for your fantasy whatsoever. You can regulate any parameter and set any objective.  Your scenarios can be shared online with other people. 2. Plan smartly You should keep the building ratio well balanced: 5 rides - 1 food stand, 1 drink stand. 6 rides - 1 toilet. 5-7 rides - 1 ATM. Speaking of ATMs - the easier the mission, the lesser your need of those. Especially in the very start of the Career mode or in the Easy level of Challenge. The bigger the difficulty grows - get at least 1 ATM  as soon as you can, for it guarantees the guests will use your rides and generate profits. As for the First Aid - you need to deploy it only in those areas, which have the highest vomit alerts. 3. Snacks Another reliable source of income - the food stands. Here's what you need to make them make money: Arrange routes for your guests around the rides in simple, untangled loops. Make those route loops crisscross. Build the food stands on spots where the route loops intersect. This way you will economize your budget money by building fewer food stands. Meanwhile, guests will have to pay you to get the munchies. 4. Broad way To avoid bustle make the paths for guests broader. This will be your insurance against the guest traffic getting jammed, which results in money loss. 5. Advertising Although marketing and promotion guarantee more visitors, in the beginning, you won't need more than one cheap advertisement at one time - this will be enough. What you really need to do is to invest into attracting different demographic groups from time to time. The balance between attracting teenagers & adult guests. 6. Build smartly Hotkeys and shortcuts will let you save time and energy while architecting your Luna Park: Press F while placing wall-based items like windows, canopies, etc. on the wall. This provides accurate and perfect lining up. It also works for floor objects: benches, trash bins, flower pots, lamps. Turn a building and a nearby scenery into one movable object. Select both of them and click on Add standalone scenery connected to the building. If you need to split the road, making it go in two different directions - press Z to make it look smooth and lovely. 7. Duplicating scenery? Child's play! While it seems to be an impossible effort, you can actually duplicate scenery items pretty quickly. You need to do this little manipulation: Pick a short column with a grid background. Drag it down, so it goes underground. Choose a scenery item you want. Put it above the column, so the scenery is inside the grid. Select it as "building". Press Ctrl + D to duplicate it. As you can see the trick here is to classify a scenery item like a building. Saves a load of time and energy. 8.  Bullet-like precision Sometimes you need to select a number of scenery items to move them to another spot and so on. But trees, bushes and other objects may get in your way and cause a great deal of frustration. To select scenery with precision: Use Click or drag to add to the selection. Then left-click on the scenery items you need. In case you want to sculpt some elaborate construction - say a luxurious fountain with a jester statue - you might want to put one scenery item on top of another. To do so: Choose a scenery that will serve as a foundation. Press Ctrl + X. Select a different scenery object. And voila: it will be placed precisely on top of the basis. Repeat the action as many times as you need to finalize your architectural composition. 9. Camerawork You can utilize two camera modes in Planet Coaster. The first one allows you to observe your amusement park from a bird's eye view. Via this mode, it's easier to get the overall picture of your Luna park and get from one end to another. The controls are classic WASD. The second mode is accessible through pressing T button. Its first-person view is perfect for a more detailed exploration of your park since you can put yourself in the shoes of a regular guest. It's helpful when you're indoors, underground or just want to check how gorgeous the architectural ensemble of your park is. 10. It's all about janitors To keep your park clean, you don't have to mark patrol routes for you janitors manually anymore. Instead, use Create a new roster command. It allows you to assign the hard-working filth eliminators to specific areas or rides. 11. Blood-thrilling rides To increase the popularity of your park, always invest in the intense and fast rides. The slow rides don't make much hype, and you can only resort to them if you plan to build a thematic ride - a scary one for instance. The critical components of building a joyful ride are: Avoiding too many flat patches of the ride track. The differences in height must be balanced in your roller-coaster like verse & chorus in a song. It'll create an adrenaline-stimulating rhythm, which in turn won't hit the Fear mark. Playing with gravity and banking tools, that tilt the ride in a certain direction. Putting your debut ride together will include these steps: Setting up a Station - place, which has entrance and exit for the guests. Building a lift chain, which makes the ride go up. It is recommended to make it as tall as 50 meters in the beginning. Later you can increase the height to the limits set by the game. Making a slope so the car can go down, using the extra speed boost from gravity. Your ride makes a full loop, and the job is done. Only through experimenting with those building tools and getting a hold of the mechanics you can build genuinely bestselling attractions. 12. Music Every ride can be accompanied by any music you want. Just formulate a playlist and put it in the UseMusic folder, which is located within the PlanetCoaster folder. So here they are, our top Planet Coaster tips and tricks. Did we miss something out? Do you have more handy tips up your sleeve? Feel free to share.   Continue Reading