World's Fair Pack Available Now! Celebrate the wonder of global culture and the peak of international park entertainment in the World’s Fair Pack!  Introducing themes and scenery from 10 new countries this pack features two new coasters, one new ride, a bountiful collection of new scenery, and an assortment of items from across the globe. With it come cultural props, giant food signs, fences, path extras, character hats, and 10 new wall set styles based on the new country themes complete with shop panels, doors and roof pieces. A celebration of international engineering excellence  The World’s Fair pack introduces two brand new coasters: Polarity and Jixxer & Interceptor. Polarity, is an unmanned rapid transport system that uses magnetic forces to propel the train forward at great speed. This has a unique and flexible track system that aesthetically has a futuristic feel but is equally fitting in most parks. Jixxer & Interceptor, is a duelling duo of launched motorcycle coasters (two separate coasters, same type of coaster). This is a type of high speed hydraulic launched track with riders leaning into the corners in a new seating type as they embark on a high octane motorcycle chase. Are you the good guys or the bad guys? A globally inspired collection of decorations Choose from a host of new scenery items based on 10 new multicultural themes and create your very own World’s Fair. Give a cosmopolitan touch to your park with new wall sets, shop panels, doors, roof pieces, cultural props, giant food signs, fences, path extras, and character hats.  Add variety to your commercial enterprise with a choice of new national brands based on the countries being introduced, which include new shops, new signage, and vending machines.  A World Music and Audio Showcase  15 brand new music tracks from JJ Ipsen will give your park international flair. Hear music inspired by the diverse local flavor of the newly added countries. Alongside the new music, there will also be 16 new ambiances for the new regions and 25 new triggered sound effects. As part of the base game, 8 new triggered sound effects will also be available! Continue Reading ANNIVERSARY UPDATE Celebrate two years of Planet Coaster! Watch the beautiful video we have put together for you and enjoy the free 1.9 Thememaker's Toolkit update! You can now take your creativity even further with the Thememaker's Toolkit, which allows you to convert your 3D model creations into Planet Coaster scenery items. These can be later imported into the game and placed in your theme parks, or used as building blocks to make even more amazing piece-by-piece creations. As a final step, you can also share them with the community for everyone to enjoy via the Steam Workshop. Change Log Thememaker's Toolkit now available Create models or animated models within popular packages like Autodesk® Maya, Autodesk® 3ds Max and Blender and put them into Planet Coaster Upload your .fbx file to the Thememaker's Toolkit website to author your creation Download the creation ready for putting into game Place your creation in your park and create blueprints with it Share your creation via the Steam Workshop Ride and Coaster Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the speed and EFN values on the Viper One coaster were being altered incorrectly by the lapping mode Fixed an issue where custom colours were affecting the wrong areas on the Interceptor coaster car Fixed the name of the Kraken's Lair in the Creature Awakens scenario Scenery Bug Fixes Improved the snapping points on the Qin Dynasty Wall 4m Shopfront Fixed backface culling on the Victorian Curved Window's glass Improved the icons for several scenery items in the World's Fair pack Improved rotation of items while Position Snap is turned on Improved the look of the Le Vingt Sept Neon sign during the day Fixed an issue where the off state of screens was not remembered when saving Signs in the Vintage Pack now allow for advertising destinations Reduced the minimum re-trigger time on the Circles, Hearts and Stars Custom Shape Fireworks UI Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the number of items active in a hotel menu did not update Fixed an issue where the Diner Drive-Thru Restaurant Blueprint appeared in the Coasters browser Fixed issue selecting text and scrolling in the description field when uploading a blueprint to Steam Added tooltips to explain the "Percentage of normal guests with a single ride" and "Number of rides to achieve normal guest rate" fields in the scenario editor Fixed an issue where fireworks objectives with a calendar time limit did not appear in the objectives panel correctly Fixed an issue where autosaves were not occurring as frequently as they should Improved the selection window when applying a custom tag to an item Video Billboards can now be sorted by running cost in the Park Management screen Fixed an issue where marketing campaigns would not appear when playing a scenario made in the scenario editor General stability fixes and improvements Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes Guests now go to the correct location of a vending machine after it is moved Fixed an issue where vending machines were costing money when the park's funds were negative Improved guest thought wording when no security is present in the park Guests now purchase the Priority Pass for use with hotels Guests now purchase the Priority Pass for the Polarity ride Audio Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the Spooky Clock would chime every time it entered camera range Fixed an issue where a sound effect was missing from the Props category in the Scenery browser Fixed an issue where audio on Vending Machines would not fully play Fixed an issue where Gelateria di Maria sound effects would not play fully Fixed an issue where music on flat rides would glitch in the Artctic biome Fixed an issue where the lapbars on the Coriolis would play its sound effect twice Continue Reading BUY Magnificent Rides Collection coming 18 December As we come to the end of 2018 we celebrate another year of incredible content, including three new themed packs including Studios, Vintage and the World's Fair. In addition we also launched the Thememaker’s Toolkit – a brand new tool that allows you to convert your 3D model creations into Planet Coaster scenery items.   However, the year is not over just yet, and we are thrilled to reveal the final content of 2018: The Magnificent Rides Collection, coming to you on December 18, 2018. The collection will have nine new rides, with one that will have two variations. To highlight these new rides Lead Artist Sam Denney will join  Community Manager Chanté Goodman for a developer livestream on December 12, at 7PM UTC on YouTube. The Magnificent Rides Collection* will be available to purchase from Steam or the Frontier Store for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99).  *Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster game (sold separately) in order to download and play this extra content.  Continue Reading