What can be more fun than travel back in time into your childhood? Such a journey needs no more than a computer and some great colorful game on it. We would recommend you to indulge in Planet Coaster, the video game where you can simulate plenty of playing activities in a coaster park.

Playing Planet Coaster is probably the embodiment of your childhood dream: to build a park the way you imagine it and to have fun the way you want it. That’s called childly freedom, and you can get it from Steam any moment you feel ready for this adventure.

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Adam Black, Planet Coaster Fansite CEO and Founder: “Planet Coaster is not about having fun only, it’s more about planning, management, and deciding - the skills which need an expert of any industry”.

Linda Lee, Planet Coaster Fansite Content Editor: “Feel myself like a fish out of the water if I haven’t played Planet Coaster for a week”.

Denis Volkov, Planet Coaster Fansite CTO: “This game is so rare comparing to other simulators that I have spotted it at once and grab it to my collection of favorite video games”.

Malcolm Evans, Planet Coaster Fansite Graphic Designer: “No need to describe the game which doesn’t require an introduction. I am astonished by the visual aesthetics the Planet Coaster designers could achieve”.

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