Planet Coaster

  • Developer: Frontier Developments
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date 17 Nov, 2016
Developer Frontier Developments
Publisher Frontier Developments
Genre Simulation, Strategy
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish
System PC
Version Release


Planet Coaster – Adventure and Creativity for Everyone

Brought to life by the developer Frontier, Planet Coaster is another one of those games that challenge your creative abilities. If you have previously played RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 from the same developer, you wouldn’t be surprised when diving into this game. This theme park simulator is a fantastic continuation of the topic for anyone interested in this genre. Let’s see what it has to offer in this Planet Coaster review!

Choose your own adventure

Planet Coaster can be played in three different modes, which means that players can choose the way they want their gaming experience to unfold. In the career mode, players are given a park that is in a state of chaos and is half-built. The task here is to save the park from its problems and make visitors happy. The disadvantage of this mode is definitely the limited level of creativity that you can bring into your game, because of the restrictions that are placed on you.  

Then there is a sandbox mode. What is great about this particular mode is that you can create anything you want because the funds offered to you are unlimited. There is no need for players to do their research when it comes to shops and rides, they can be unlocked straight away. It’s possible to customize every little detail of the park, so meticulous players who are into the design will definitely appreciate this mode.

Those who don’t want to get everything easily can test their abilities in the challenge mode of the Planet Coaster game. In this mode, players have to budget everything, but the gaming process becomes more rewarding because of this. The task is to make the theme park as entertaining as it can be by adding different elements, from milkshake stalls to crazy animatronics, to keep your visitors excited. At first, you will have to invest in your project before you can start seeing any profit, which is just like in real life.

Making sure your computer is compatible with the game

At the moment, Planet Coaster is only available for PC. It is a high-quality game with great graphics. It is colorful and modern, even though it has a cartoonish feel to it. If you want to get the most out of this particular game, you will need a computer that can run at high graphics settings.

The minimum requirements to install this game on your computer are:

  • Intel i5-2300/AMD FX-4300 processor

  • nVidia GTX 560/AMD Radeon 7850 graphics

  • 8 GB storage space

The suggested requirements for getting 1080p screen resolution are:

  • Intel i5 3570 processor or around it

  • 16 GB system memory

  • Radeon R9 380 graphics card

You can easily buy the game for your computer by visiting the Frontier official website. Planet Coaster download button is available in the store section of the site where you can read more about the game requirements.

Ease and convenience of control

Controls play an essential role in how pleasant your gaming experience will be. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts to remember in Planet Coaster, but once you do, you will appreciate how easy it is to control the game. The controls can be divided into three categories – building, camera, and path. The path controls can be viewed as the subdivision of the building process and make it possible to do even more in the game. Similarly to other games, you can tweak the controls in the Settings menu.

Questions And Answers

  • Is Planet Coaster available on Steam?

Yes. You can purchase this game on Steam.

  • Does the game use Steam Workshop?

Yes. You can easily share the theme parks that you created. Steam Workshop is available in the game to help you do this without any problems.

  • Can I play the game without the Internet connection?

Yes, you can. The Internet connection is only needed to install the game and to get updates from time to time.

  • Is it possible to play this game on several PCs?

Yes. All you have to do is log into your Steam account and after that you will be able to download Planet Coaster on the computer of your choosing.  



In terms of the creative opportunities in the theme park genre, the Planet Coaster game is undeniably one of the best. You have a chance to make your theme park just what you want it to be, tweaking the smallest details that can make the difference. Those who are into creative games and design will certainly get a lot of joy from this game.  


  • Some of the classic rides are absent
  • The function of management can be improved


  • Excellent selection of customization tools
  • Great range of props
  • Three modes to choose from
Gameplay controls